Jet2Holidays has launched an inventive social media campaign aimed at travel agents rather than directly at customers, which will help the company to increase its social media presence and generate more sales.

The initiative trains independent travel agents on social media marketing, helping them to boost brand awareness and showcase their offerings through social media channels. Moreover, it will further strengthen the already strong relationship between the UK’s second-largest tour operator and independent travel agents. The move will have a positive effect on both Jet2holidays and independent agents by increasing sales and market presence for both parties.

The timely initiative by Jet2holidays will increases sales

The campaign results in a mutually beneficial supplier and seller relationship. The initiative is managed by Jet2holidays’ Partners2Success wing, which specifically focuses on building agent knowledge by offering selling tips on Jet2 products. This provides the tour operator with an ample opportunity to increase travel agent’s knowledge of its product offering, whilst further supporting agents by increasing their own business sales. Engagement with industry players gives Jet2holidays a chance to reinforce important aspects such as low deposits and flexibility, which are essential to winning the trust of their mutual customers.

The move from Jet2holidays to support independent travel agents has come at precisely the right time. Customer behaviour is changing, with many opting for personal services due to the complex nature of the travel industry. Furthermore, poor service performance provided by some online travel agencies (OTA) and airlines during the pandemic has created a lack of trust, resulting in a renewed demand for human interaction – an area in which independent travel agents are specialised.

According to a 2020 GlobalData Coronavirus Survey (fieldwork undertaken 2 – 6 December), 58% of respondents said they were either ‘always’ or ‘often’ influenced by how trustworthy a service feels. In another GlobalData study (2019 Consumer Survey) 24% said they actively bought products through social media, highlighting demand for personalised services through social media channels. Jet2holidays have responded well to this sentiment with the #BoostMySocial campaign.

Building B2B relationships is just as important as B2C

As a result of this campaign, Jet2holidays will continue to build on its solid support network for travel agents. According to Which? Jet2holidays was one of the top three performers in the UK for customer service and timely refunds during the pandemic. This performance reinforces its reliability as a supplier of holidays. Additionally, it will continue to influence travel agents to recommend the Jet2 brand over its competitors. Jet2holidays has recognised that building B2B relationships is just as crucial as building B2C ones. This strategy will lead to a strong competitive advantage over less proactive operators in the B2B realm.

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